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Entrance to hotel, woman preparing food in a kitchen, close-up of silverware

Stress-less Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and time to start thinking about how you’d like to celebrate with your social bubble. It’s a day of balancing the preparation of that perfect feast while enjoying the little moments of entertaining.  To help take the stress out of Thanksgiving, we’ve put together five planning tips!

Create a menu and shopping list. Figure out how many guests you will have and make a detailed list of what you are going to make. Do you really need five different types of dessert, when one or two will do? And what size turkey will you need? Look for dishes that you can pre-make.  You’ll thank us later. Now it’s time to make your shopping list and get ready to shop!

Check out your serving pieces.  About a week prior, do an inventory of your serving pieces including ladles, platters, serving forks and bowls for all the food you anticipate serving. This gives you enough time to wash everything you have or figure out what you need to buy or borrow.

Get yourself and your table ready first.  You’ll want to be an early bird (pardon the pun) and set your table.  With this task complete, you’ll feel ready for the big day without added pressure. Also, pre-plan your holiday outfit and perhaps find a fun seasonal apron?

Assign simple tasks to help keep people out of the kitchen.  You don’t want to be juggling hot dishes while trying to entertain guests.  Create a list of jobs that will allow even the littlest to help.  Whether putting nuts in a bowl, carrots on a veggie platter or cutting up onions, this makes those wanting to assist feel helpful without a lot of chaos.

It’s about the people, not the dinner.  Being prepared will help make the day much less stressful so that you can enjoy being with friends and family, giving thanks for all of the blessings in your life. 

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Temple Garden image via Jaelei Meyer