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relaxing by the pool with Temple Garden Hotel & Spa robe and slippers after workout.

Celebrating Women’s Health & Fitness Day all Month Long

September 30 is #WomensHealthFitnessDay, designed to bring attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness and encouraging women to take control of their health.  With so many of us taking care of children and/or aging parents, maintaining a household coupled with busy work schedules, self-care is often overlooked.  Dedicating some time three or four days a week to focus on your physical fitness is important to do and so we’ve put together some helpful tips:

Practice Yoga – The great thing about yoga is that it is great for both mind and body. Yoga can be done just about anywhere and all you need is a yoga mat, comfortable attire and a program to follow. There are lots of great online yoga tutorials via YouTube or visit the app store on your mobile device. We really like the YouTube series, Yoga with Adriene.

Weight and Resistance Training – It is easy to do at home, even if you don’t have free weights or resistance bands to strength-train. You can make your own weights using common household items such as using rice or sugar shipping bags filled with sand or using leftover water or milk gallon or half-gallon jugs to make dumbbells filled with water, rocks or sand. Canned goods or smaller bottles of water are also great weight training aids.

Walk or Jog – One of the easiest forms of exercise, whether a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, parking farther out when shopping or jogging your favourite trail … amping up the cardio is great for your fitness routine. And when the weather doesn’t cooperate, try walking in place or invest in a small fitness trampoline!

We’re also here to help you celebrate women’s wellness with a Sun Tree Spa self-care treatment. Give us a call at 800-718-7727 to enjoy some well-deserved pampering or make it a staycation this fall and relax around our heated mineral pool and enjoy room service by taking advantage of the many room packages we offer!