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Spring Brings Weddings at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa

With spring right around the corner, many brides are in high gear planning their 2019 wedding.

According to The Knot and confirmed by our wedding experts, some of the fresh trends you can expect to see throughout this wedding season include:

  • Themed weddings (think Game of Thrones or Star Wars) that incorporate whimsy and ditch the traditional monochromatic color theme for vibrant, rich colors like fuchsia, midnight blues, emeralds and bold burgundy!
  • The trending spirit … GIN! It is the quintessential liquor and makes the perfect mixer for mainstay classics!
  • Lighting enters the spotlight with upgrades with bespoke options like basket lanterns, neon installations and subtle coloured taper candles.
  • Did you know that smell is the sense most closely linked to memory? Brand your wedding with something that can’t be seen but rather smelled. Custom blends crafted for your wedding can be spritzed on invites or used in custom candles as wedding favours.
  • Whether boxed correspondence or a video message from the to-be-weds, invites set the stage for an epic event.
  • Location is everything. We offer a unique two-level ballroom, outstanding spa and dining experiences, welcoming accommodations (for out of town guests) and a gorgeous park-side setting as backdrop, along with customized packages. And best of all, our creative and caring wedding team take care of the details, ensuring your special day is everything you dreamed of.

Brides! Book your wedding before March 31 and we offer 2018 menu pricing for all 2019 and 2020 weddings! Contact us at 306-693-3522 ext. 6637 or email