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Seniors doing aquatic exercise in the Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa pool

New Year and New You at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa

As with each new year, we start with resolutions, some attainable, some less likely to stick. What about a new resolution that is fun and fits with your fitness goals?

That’s where our aquatic exercise programs come in, including Therapeutic Aquatics, offered Monday thru Thursday (September through April) and Gentle Water Yoga, available year-round on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Times vary so please visit pool programs for times.

The benefits of our geothermal aquatic exercise programs include:

  • Less weight bearing on joints making it easier and less painful.
  • Water activities are a whole-body workout.
  • Our geothermal mineral pool is kept at a relaxing temperature.
  • Exercising in water improves ease of movement.
  • Stress is reduced while you’re having fun!

Located on what was once an ancient seabed, our geothermal pool provides therapeutic mineral waterheated at a constant temperature of 45 degree Celsius (113 Fahrenheit). The chemistry of our geothermal mineral water is similar to the likes of Bath, England with compounds including Epsom and Glauber’s Salts. It is fair to say that our indoor/outdoor pool experience is one of our most popular amenities!

We can’t wait for you to experience one of our programs … after all the best workout is one that doesn’t seem like exercise at all!

Please note: Our pool programs are always complimentary to our hotel guests. For community members, classes are included with paid admission to the pool.